How to Manage Your Day
by Managing Your Energy

Join Nikki Gingrich, meditation and mindfulness teacher, for a FREE workshop on how to manage your day by managing your energy!  

When the world shut down in March 2020, Nikki knew she needed to create more consistency around her routine to ensure she was managing not just her schedule but her energy too. 

With her husband and her both working from home, and coordinating the kids Zoom meetings....she created a system that worked for her. She has continued to perfect and improve this system since then.  

Using these tools, she was able to navigate through quarantine during a world wide pandemic with her sanity and even hitting goals! 

She started with an old note book keeping track of her schedule, tasks, gratitudes, affirmations, goals, the moon phase, and her menstrual phase. That notebook has morphed into a printed sheet, and soon a planner you will be able to purchase yourself! But until then she wanted to she these tools with you. 

During this workshop she'll share with you all the steps she created to this weekly and daily planner.

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Why Nikki? 

 As a busy working mom Nikki found herself burnt out and exhausted juggling all the things that come with working and being a parent.

She knew there had to be a better way. After looking outside of herself for years, searching for new jobs or new opportunities, she found meditation.

It was then that Nikki discovered she could live with joy and peace as a busy working mom.

She quit her full-time job to become an entrepreneur. She connected with her values and her dreams. Today she owns her own coaching business empowering women to make bold moves to live their life on their own terms.

She became a certified meditation teacher, mindfulness life coach and reiki practicioner to teach others that you too can find joy and peace.